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GORP Clean Energy Bar

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Once upon a time there was a crazy, bullheaded… ahem… I mean a crazy, bull-riding famer and a land-loving health nut gal. Fast forward: we found the coolest surf spot in California and tied the knot. Who knew that a union between a farm boy and a wannabe triathlete tree-hugger would birth the best energy bar known to man?

This is how the people at GORP begin to tell their story when we recently caught up with them and asked them a few questions about their clean energy bars. You just KNOW you’re in for a fun ride with a storyteller like this!

GORP Manitoba

GORP was created upon a desire to find something healthy to fuel not only intense workouts, but also the busy day-to-day activities that we all face in our lives. After all, sometimes we just don’t have the chance to stop and cook a healthy meal. That’s when healthy energy bars like GORP come in to rescue us!

The GORP team advocates eating as much whole food as possible.

In today’s fast-paced world, we know there is a desperate need for HEALTHY and CONVENIENT energy foods on the supermarket shelves.

That’s why we created GORP. No fake sugars, preservatives, fillers, or colouring. No high-fructose corn syrup or scary-sounding ingredients you can barely pronounce.”

The culture of the food processing industry in Manitoba is extremely supportive, Jen from GORP says. “We don’t just price out the cheapest ingredients possible, throw them together, and call it an energy bar. We want to stand behind our products with pride, so we go the extra mile to source the freshest, highest-quality ingredients we can possibly find.”

GORP Math:

GORP clean energy bar

GORP loves supporting other local producers, and uses local hemp, honey, flax, sunflower seeds, and pea fibre.

The beauty of GORP is that it can fit into your life, no matter what kind of lifestyle you lead: from the hockey mom looking for a healthy snack for her kids, to needing a quick lunch at a busy office, to fueling for a marathon, GORP is a great choice for everyone!

Visit GORP’s website to learn more about their products and philosophy.

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