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Farmer Profile: McDonald Farm

McDonald Farm is one of the fantastic local farms that My Farmers’ Market works with. You can get a wide variety of McDonald Farm products through the online grocery store, including beef, lamb, and pork packs, pork chops, round steak, and much more!

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We recently connected with Wayne McDonald to find out all about his farming practices:

1) McDonald Farm has been around in your family for quite a while – why is family farming important to you, and how has the farm evolved over the years?

It is important to carry on the tradition of farming that my great grandfather established over 100 years ago. Farming with my wife and our young daughter is an amazing way to earn a living and still have a fulfilling family life. Our farm has transitioned from a mixed grain and cattle farm under my great grandfather, grandfather, and father into a grass-based, strictly livestock farm. About 10 years ago, we decided that we would see if other people would be interested in eating the same meat that we had been enjoying for the past 20 years. Our direct marketing venture has been exciting and interesting, with lots of ups and downs along the way, but we love the idea of feeding families every day.

2) What makes McDonald Farm unique?

I think that our approach to raising our animals is fairly unique. We have focused exclusively on raising our animals as 100% grass-fed, which means they are never fed grain at any time in their lives. Our animals are also never confined at any time, and spend their time in the fresh air and sunshine, grazing our grass. We think that this focus on raising healthy, happy animals in an ethical manner is best for our family and for the families that eat our meat. Our animals live very happy and healthy lives, and that is the way that all animals should live out their days.

McDonald Farm Manitoba

3) What are some of your favourite things about farm life?

I have always loved animals. There is something very satisfying about seeing lambs, calves, and piglets that you watch being born grow strong and healthy out on our pastures. I also have the best office in the world: blue skies, bright sunshine, and green grass. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

4) Why is eating local and growing food important to you?

I think it is vitality important to know where your food comes from. If you can say that this steak or chop comes from this farm and I know that those animals were raised in a way that I can feel comfortable, that is worth a lot to me. We buy as much as we can of the food that we don’t raise ourselves from local farmers that we know and trust.


5) Do you have any tips to share for busy Winnipeg families wanting to eat healthier?

Take small steps to eat healthier and more local. Go to a farmers’ market; find a farmer that direct markets food. Once you get used to the process of buying directly from a farmer, you will find that it takes less time than it used to take for you to go to the supermarket.

Visit to find out more, or check out (and purchase!) McDonald Farm beef, lamb, and pork at

Stay tuned next week for a pulled pork recipe from McDonald Farm!

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