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Cornell Creme: Perfectly Handcrafted Ice Cream

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When it comes to the weather getting warmer, there’s one treat that people of all ages can get on board with: ice cream. And now, Winnipeggers can get locally-produced ice cream from Cornell Crème.

“We care about what goes into the food we produce, for our cows and up to our ice cream,” says Lisa Dyck, the dairy farmer who launched Cornell Crème in 2013. “We have a better chance of knowing where our food comes from when we choose local ingredients.”

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The day starts early at the Cornell Crème farm. From taking care of the cows to preparing and delivering ice cream, life at Cornell Crème is always busy. Lisa takes great pride in producing the highest quality product, and that means no cutting corners.

Her home life parallels the Cornell Crème business, as Lisa and her family try to make as much food as they can from scratch and avoid processed food. “We try to eat things in moderation and go for a balanced approach,” she says, highlighting how they eat from their own garden, raise their own beef and drink their own milk. “We also always support other local producers,” she adds, from Bothwell cheese to locally-grown vegetables at nearby farms.

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When asked about the future of local food in Manitoba, Lisa takes a positive approach. “As we have less people farming, we’ll see an increase of awareness in where food is coming from. Less people farming means that more people will be dependent on buying their food, compared to growing it themselves,” she points out.

“I would hope we see people doing more cooking from scratch… I’m so encouraged to see that chefs and even TV shows focus on cooking skills, prompting culinary interest in our youth.” My Farmers’ Market wholeheartedly agrees! It’s fantastic to see Winnipeggers take such an interest in where their food comes from and how to prepare it in healthy ways.

Cornell Creme Winnipeg

“I think we’ll see a continued strong response to support local in the future,” Lisa says. Hear hear!

Learn more about Cornell Crème by visiting their website.

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