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Bothwell Cheese

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Bothwell cheese

It’s hard to live in Winnipeg without trying Bothwell cheese—but did you know that 98% of Bothwell cheese ingredients come from within 100 km of where the cheese is crafted in New Bothwell, MB?

Choosing local is important for the Bothwell Cheese company because they want to support the local community. 90% of employees are local to southeastern Manitoba, with a third of those living within a 4-km radius of the Bothwell Cheese factory. Even the cheese packaging is sourced locally through a supplier based in Winnipeg!

In addition to supporting the local community, Bothwell Cheese prides itself on using all-natural ingredients and in-house smoking using real hickory and maple wood chips.

Bothwell cheese

“Our cheeses are crafted with 100% pure Canadian milk,” said Bothwell Cheese’s Megan Deaust. “We don’t use artificial ingredients, preservatives, or modified milk ingredients.”

With more than 25 different varieties of traditional and innovative flavours, there’s a Bothwell cheese for everyone to enjoy!

Bothwell cheese is versatile and can be used in most recipes—“Try making a pizza on the BBQ with Madagascar Green Peppercorn cheese, or try crumbling Red Wine Extra Old Cheddar on a salad instead of croutons,” Deaust suggests. “We also love dipping cheese in local honey, maple syrup, balsamic glaze, and Smak Dab’s grainy mustard.”

Bothwell cheese

When it comes to buying local, Deaust recommends that Winnipeggers read product labels—and don’t be afraid to ask questions about where your food comes from and how it is grown!

“Supporting local is also about traceability: knowing who made, grew, or raised the foods you choose to eat and share with your family and friends offers peace of mind.”

When it comes to choosing a local, healthier cheese, you can know that Bothwell cheese is a great option! My Farmers’ Market carries a variety of Bothwell cheeses, and if you order before noon, you can get same-day grocery delivery service in Winnipeg. Order online now to satisfy your cheese cravings!

Learn more about Bothwell cheese at their website.

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