Nutrition News: Canadian Gold Water

What is Canadian Gold?

Canadian Gold Natural Artesian Water is bottled at the source and drawn from an aquifer deep within the pristine and protected Canadian wilderness.

“Aquifers are natural filters that trap sediment and other particles (like bacteria) and provide natural purification of the groundwater flowing through them.”   – imnh.isu.edu

What makes Canadian Gold so good?

Sands and minerals from the last ice age provide filtration and minerals offering an incredibly fresh, pure and classic taste.  This exceptional water has absolutely no nitrates, is enriched with calcium and magnesium and has a zero sodium rating, making Canadian Gold Water unparalleled in purity, healthfulness and quality.

How can I be sure that Canadian Gold is as good as you say?

Canadian Gold’s water has won numerous gold and silver medals at the Berkeley Spring International Festival of Water between 2009 and 2016 and has most recently taken home GOLD Medal for Best Sparkling Bottled Water and SILVER Medal for Best Still Bottled Water in the competition on February 26, 2017!

The award-winning 27th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting welcomes more than one hundred waters from across the country and around the globe on Saturday, February 25. Held in the historic spa town of Berkeley Spring, West Virginia. It is the largest water tasting competition in the world.

What varieties of water are available?

Artesian Still Water: Drawn from a natural Manitoba aquifer of pristine quality and bottled at the source, right here in Manitoba.

Artesian Sparkling Water: With lower levels of sodium than other sparkling waters on the market, the pure and clean taste of Canadian Gold Artesian Sparkling Water is hard to beat.

Touch: Canadian Gold’s natural soda contains no calories, no caffeine, no sugars, no diet sweeteners, no stevia, no preservatives, no GMOs, and is zero-rated sodium. It is a healthy, carbonated natural soda.

Flavoured Beverages: Flavoured beverages are a sweetened, carbonated, caffeine free, natural spring water with natural fruit flavours.

Where does Canadian Gold come from?

Canadian Gold Beverages is located in Marchand, Manitoba, southeast of Steinbach on the edge of the Sandilands Provincial Forest. The state of the art certified carbon neutral production facility is centrally located in a Manitoba facility, just north of the Canadian/U.S. border.

Is the Manitoba facility eco-friendly?

Unlike European or South Pacific competitors, the eco-conscious production facility and central North American location offer a truly low carbon footprint that makes the product quite unmatched in today’s beverage industry.

Where can I buy Canadian Gold water from?

My Farmers’ Market sells a wide selection of Canadian Gold water that be can delivered to the your home or office. Shop the selection: bottled water & natural soda.


Canadian Gold being delivered to My Farmers’ Market

Canadian Gold Delivery

5 gallon jug refills available for $6.85 (March 2017)


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